Business Concept


Jasmine Mode is a small sized company but remarkable since it provides high quality and
diversified products and services within the textile industry.


Our products are mainly high quality: Prêt-à-porter, swimsuits, child clothes, accessories, etc.


Our services are operated through a study and development office which is managed by our stylist modelist. The studies are done over all our products mentioned above and other products such as lingerie, etc

Business competitiveness

Our competitive advantages are mainly:

  • Organisational: Horizontal Hierarchy, more flexible, more communicative, etc.
  • Team’s competency and versatility

Quality policy & objectives

Jasmine Mode’s quality policy and objectives are:

  • To protect human resources from preventable hazards, we try to conform to the OHSAS 18001 (version 2007) standards.
  • Being aware of the importance of Natural Resources and Energy, we aim to minimize the impact of our activity on the Environment by a certification project based on the ISO 14001 (version 2004) standards.
  • Throughout the social management system, we aim to respect the local requirements and legislation and the 8000 (version 2001) standards SA in terms of child labour, hard labour, health and security, discrimination, working hours, collective bargaining, etc.
  • Recycling of materials.

Service pledge

Jasmine Mode delivers services based on:

  • Professionalism and compliancy within Jasmine Mode’s potential and excellency.
  • Satisfaction of any types of needs for all types of customers.